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The Waylon files of Howard Olson


June 15th, 1937 to February 13th, 2002
"Rest in peace ol' friend"

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Picture Gallery

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Waylon Albums

Howard's Waylon Room


From the movie "Nashville Rebel"

From the movie "Nashville Rebel"

August 1988

 Jessi Colter

Bob Dees & Waylon

Sue Dees & Waylon

Jim & Marianne & Waylon

John & Waylon in 1989

Howard & Waylon in 1993

LeRoy & Waylon in 1993

Lotus & Waylon in 1990

Ron & Waylon in 1991

Gary, Jessi, Waylon and Ella Mae

Howard and Billy Joe Shaver

Buddy Dean Jennings & wife Kathy

 Mary and Buddy Dean Jennings

Jimmy Miles & Mary

James & Mary  Estes

 Jeff Young

Dave & Eden Leonard

Ronisue & Richard Smith

 R.V. Park in Littlefield, Texas...

...named after...

...Waylon Jennings


Waylon's Grave Marker


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The information in this site was provided by Howard Olson.
He has collected memorabilia on the star for decades.
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