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The Waylon files of Howard Olson


June 15th, 1937 to February 13th, 2002
"Rest in peace ol' friend"

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Waylon Arnold Jennings


1  Waylon worked as a DJ in Littlefield at the young age of 14.  From there he worked as a DJ in Levelland, Texas and later in Lubbock, Texas.

2  Waylon met Buddy Holly in 1958 at radio station KLLL in Lubbock, Texas

3  Buddy Holly decided to record Waylon at one of his sessions in September 10, 1958.  King Curtis was at the session to record with Buddy, Buddy used him on Waylon's recording.  The record was not released until April 23, 1959.

4  After Buddy Holly & the Cricket's had a failing out, so Buddy needed someone to fill in and got Waylon to play bass with him. Waylon worked for Buddy from January 23, 1958 to February 2nd, 1959.  Waylon worked for Buddy for 11 days but was never a Cricket.

5  Waylon was married when he went on the road with Buddy Holly

6 Waylon first L.P. was "Waylon J.D.s", not "Waylon at J. D.s".

7  Waylon never moved to L.A., to record for A &M records.  Waylon made that record when he lived in Phoenix and it never came out until after Waylon was with R.C.A.

8  Waylon wrote under the name Jackson King because he was still under contract with A&M than.  He signed with R.C.A. but could not write songs using the name, Waylon Jennings.

9  The idea for "GOOD HEARTED WOMAN" came to Waylon after he saw a Billboard in Las Vegas.  It said,  "A Good hearted woman singing to a good timing man".  It was not about his wife or Willies wife.

10  Waylon & Chet Atkins produced Jessi Colter's first L.P. before her & Waylon were married.

11  On February 14th, 1982 WMIL FM106 (a Milwaukee country radio station) opened on the air waves.  The first song they played was one by Waylon Jennings.  



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The information in this site was provided by Howard Olson.
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